About Me

Carlos Perez it's a retoucher based in Barcelona.

He learned from professionals as Hunter&Gatti, Andoni&Arantxa, Jonathan Segade, Omar Josef, Cecilia Aranyó, Manolo Laguillo... and worked as retoucher for Hunter&Gatti, MANGO, Massimo Dutti, Harper's Bazaar, Balmain, Hawkers, Hervé Leger, Cortefiel, Marie Claire, Cacharel...

Currently, he's represented by Fotoempresas Photo Studio SL which is a post production studio based in Barcelona (Spain) specialized in retouching for fashion advertising. The company was founded in 2008 and it's composed with over 30 people with different specialties in image manipulation. The company uses the latest techniques and it is committed to delivering outstanding service and high quality images.


Marc González: marc@fotoempresas.es

Núria Llaberia: nuria@fotoempresas.es

+34 93 66 77 345

IG: @cprullan

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